Tinker Island~

img_1234Sooo… yeah. I needed a place to upload a pic so I could reply to the forum… They’ve helped me out a lot, so I need to help back, yeah? :3


Fiiiii~~ ;_;

Ugh. So I was reading Second Life at Moonbunnycafe, and Fii, my God, Fii, the heroine!
Not the typical “miserable” back story, but i back story with a misery that hits close to home ;_;
Being compared to siblings sucks. Fii’s case is on a WHOLE other plane. She didn’t mean to be twins with the perfect princess. Nobody even asked her if she wanted to be baggage. But now she is, and people think of her as a parasite. But she’s trying really hard. No cheats.
I’m rooting for you Fii!
Root for her too, go to moonbunny cafe. Better yet, look for the translator’s blog and read there. I don’t know if he posts on his page, but he deserves all the support he can get.
I just can’t muster the willpower to check lol.
Also to comment on moonbunny. Just use a wordpress page for crying out loud!

I finally understand xianxia!

Never really got chinese novels, but right now i’m reading DKC on moonbunnycafe, My Desciple Died Yet Again at Shinsori’s, and Alchemy God at Unchainedtranslation. I’m getting their syntax n stuff now.
Welp. This goes to show that Japanese dependence is bad. Diversity is good.
I’ll be reading a lot more Chinese works from now on 🙂


Finally finished moving ALL~ my bookmarks to the following list here.

Nobody cares, you say?


M-my feelings aren’t hurt at all. 😥

Anyway, The 5th Holy Sheeprabbit (oniichanyamete.wordpress.com) just updated, so I’ll mosey on there.